Fatal Jungle

Fatal Jungle

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Shi Guxiang, Su Yi, Kun Bing, An Lan, and Yue Lin went to the primeval forest to find plant spices similar to ambergris, but they were forced to abandon their original route and go into a dangerous place because of the crocodile attack.

Monsters, piranhas and other dangers followed one after another. During the escape process, a group of people accidentally found the fallen plane wreckage and gold.

Facing the huge temptation, several people had their own thoughts. At the same time, in order to capture the traitor Bing Jiu, the jade boss Fei Ying and others ran into Shi Guxiang and his party and mistook them for Bing Jiu’s accomplice.

After repeated questioning, they discovered the secret of gold. He was ordered to coerce Shi Guxiang and his party to hand over the gold, but when they arrived at the place where the gold was buried, a forest tiger suddenly appeared, and the lives of the group were hanging by a thread…

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