R.A.D.A.R: The Bionic Dog (Official Trailer) | Watch!

R.A.D.A.R The Bionic Dog Official Trailer Watch

Download R.A.D.A.R: The Bionic Dog (Official Trailer) | Watch!

In this hilarious family adventure, Gabe and Kylie hunt for lost pirate treasure, hoping to bring tourists to their sleepy Florida town — and save Gabe’s mom’s diner.

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When they find a precious sapphire, they’re helped by R.A.D.A.R., a clever dog who’s actually a robot!

But the mad scientist who invented the treasure-hunting dog wants to steal him back — along with the town’s famous sapphire!

Can Gabe and Kylie protect the dog, guard the jewel, and save the town?

Starring Dean Cain, Ezra Lerario and Paul Wilson. R.A.D.A.R: The Bionic Dog will be out in digitals on the 27th Of June, 2023.


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